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With 18 years of experience in the industry, we know how valuable investing in software systems is for you. We offer our scalable, sustainable solutions according to your growing needs. We offer our sustainable solutions that can scale to your growing needs.

Happy User of SDR Central Dealer Management System
Happy User of SDR Central Dealer Management System

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Field Team Management

Field Team Management

Three-s is a Merchandising solution aimed at increasing the efficiency of after-sales support processes. At the sales points visited by Three-s and Merch teams; Critical information of products and competitor products such as Price, Activity, Stock, Shelf Compatibility and Front Side can be easily managed.

  • Route Management
  • Product and Competitor Price Monitoring
  • Stock Tracking and Ordering
  • Problem and Note Management
  • POP Tracking
  • Activity, Display and Insert Tracking
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Dealer Management System

Dealer Management System

With B2B dealer management software, you can track inventory and sales of all your dealers, track the retail locations where your dealer sells, manage center-based pricing and promotional processes, and maximize your profitability by optimizing your dealer buying and shipping processes.

  • Order Management
  • Sales Management
  • Stock Management
  • Turnover Premium
  • Named Dispatch
  • Price and Campaign Management
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Mobile Field Sales Program

Mobile Field Sales

SDR’s mobile field sales program, specifically designed for Android tablets, combines hot sale, cold calling, campaign, budget, product and customer information with Açılımsoft interpretation. By simplifying the life of a sales representative, we provide full visibility and control for managers in the center.

  • Hot Sale (Invoice)
  • Cold Calling (Mobile Order)
  • Collection
  • Current Account Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Efficient Route Management
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Commercial Accounting Program

Commercial Accounting

SDR meets the business needs of companies operating in the distribution sector; while offering a turnkey solution with a modular structure and rich functionality, it creates a dynamic platform that aims to efficiently manage all your business processes and improve profitability through its flexible, adaptable structure.

  • Sales and Purchasing
  • Facility, Warehouse and Stock Management
  • Shipment Planning and Trucking
  • Financial Accounting
  • Temporary and Official Accounting
  • E-Government Affairs
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